Alicia Silverstone Joins Team CRYSTAL

Earlier this week famous actress and author Alicia Silverstone announced her partnership with the health and wellness brand, CRYSTAL. The company has been recognized as one of the leaders for vegan and healthy wellness products, such as deodorant.

Alicia Silverstone, now brand ambassador for and user of  CRYSTAL deodorant, fits right in with the wellness brand as she has established herself in the health category on her own. Alicia serves as an advocate for healthier lifestyles, promoting organic diets in her New York Times Best-selling book, “The Kind Diet: A simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet.”

In addition, Alicia is the co-founder of the mykind Organics vitamin company, which has produced products that are sold in retailers around the world. It is yet to be seen how CRYSTAL will involve Alicia and activate the partnership but Alicia recently hosted an animal activism event that was hosted by CRYSTAL. Going forward it should be expected that Alicia will promote the company using her large social media following, specifically Instagram where she has over 900K followers.


Alicia continues to strengthen her foothold in both the areas of women empowerment and health and wellness. She has worked with Women’s Health Magazine in the past and has even spoken for companies like Google on the subjects of eating better and living healthier lifestyles.

CRYSTAL is the latest in a long line of healthy wellness brands to feature Alicia as a partner. With her established reputation as an organic and vegan advocate it makes sense for companies like CRYSTAL to partner with her given the synergy between their brand’s message and the lifestyle Alicia preaches. Vegan celebs like Alicia have tremendous power in the health and wellness marketplace and are popping right now! Keep your eyes here for others and click here to find celebs to work with for your own campaign.

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