Capital One Announces Partnership with Taylor Swift

Taylor swift

In the past, Capital One has paired with a-list stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and Alec Baldwin to collaborate on campaigns. The company’s newest partnership is with super-star singer and philanthropist Taylor Swift. It kicked off with a commercial featuring Swift playing a bartender, waitress, and cashier.



The deal was termed as a multi-year endeavor, meaning Swift will likely become one of the brand’s exclusive spokespersons. In addition to commercial appearances, other select activation events and opportunities will be offered.


Capital One is devoted to supplying their customers with unique and special experiences and opportunities. Partnering with one of the world’s most famous singers will allow them to do this in a different way than with prior partners, Jeremy Brandt and Samuel L. Jackson. Although those two actors are highly recognizable, their activation potential is limited. With a star like Taylor Swift there are endless opportunities to publicize the creative deal, with albums, concerts, and more. This partnership will provide Capital One with more marketing and branding power and create a stronger brand loyalty with their customers.

In addition, Swift is a devoted philanthropist. Although she devotes herself to multiple causes she is especially involved with female empowerment. In the past, she’s devoted time and money to causes like the Joyful Heart Foundation and RAINN. Partnering with Swift will help Capital One fortify their strong public reputation and appearance. Capital One could potentially activate their partnership with Taylor by becoming involved in her philanthropic endeavors. Swift was even named as one of the top earning celebrities in the World in 2019, adding to her already immense influence and star power.


Capital One has already begun activation to spread the word about their newest creative partner. Swift’s new album, “Lover,” will launch on August 23rd. To celebrate and promote the album, Capital One and Taylor have offered an exclusive pre-order of the album for Capital One cardholders. The exclusive album offering will likely be the first in a long line of Taylor Swift themed special events and opportunities. This activation will generate buzz for both the artist and the company.

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