Celebrities in Super Bowl Commercials

Where is one of the most prominent places you will see your favorite celebrities on the big screen outside of their blockbuster movies? Thats right, the big game itself, the Super Bowl. Countless celebrities take the stage between the action packed football game, and each year the commercials seem to get even more extravagant. Below are just some of the many celebrities who made appearances this February, and are bound to have fans talking about the brands they represented.


Celebrity Trending 10: Celebrities in the Super Bowl

1. Chris Evans, John Krasinski & Rachel Dratch

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What better way to personify Boston than with famous Bostonians Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch. Delivering enjoyably exaggerated Boston accents, the celebrity trio show the magic that is smart park for the Hyundai Sonata. With a surprise cameo from The Bigness himself, David Ortiz, Boston had their time to shine, despite the lack of their beloved quarterback Tom Brady not being in the Super Bowl. Although he stole the show himself, which we will talk about later on.



2. John Cena & Jimmy Fallon

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Michelob Ultra tapped WWE wrestler turned Movie star John Cena and lovable Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon for a competitive buddy flick, where the stars take on a plethora of different physical actives, much to Fallon’s ire. As some of the most trending celebs in the game, Michelob followed up their very revered Super Bowl Commercial resume with a big time celeb filled spot that is sure to have consumers talking.



3. Taraji P. Henson, Busy Philipps, Lily Singh & Katie Couric

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Olay went all in on the power of the celebrity with their Super Bowl commercial, tapping the actress, comedian, new late night host and tv personality. Olay’s campaign focused on the tagline, #MakeSpaceforWomen, banking on the star power of their fierce female celebrities to deliver. Featuring real life female astronaut Nicole Stott, the commercial painted Olay in an inspirational light going into the Big Game.



4. Bill Murray

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Bill Murray appeared in his one and only commercial for the Jeep Gladiator. Reliving his Groundhog Day dilemma in a completely new light, Murray enjoyed every day in the Jeep more and more, looking forward to waking up on February 2nd if it meant riding in the Jeep again and again. Using Murray’s famous humor and calling back a movie that is among many fans top movies list, Jeep Gladiator will come out on top as having commercial that fans will relive over and over.



5. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi

Image result for amazon ellen super bowl commercial

In one of the most clever ads of the night, Amazon looked at the many origin stories of Alexa, through the eyes of power couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi. Taking place in any time period you can think of with multiple iterations of the Alexa name helping those around them compete the simple tasks Alexa now takes care of, the commercial cemented Amazon as the ultimate consumer aid, with a little help from their lovable celebrities.



6. Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet

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One of the first commercials of the night, Rocket Mortgage used movie star and muscular stud Jason Mamoa to deliver the message of their simplistic process. What began as a look at Momoa’s glamourous house and enviable muscle, turned into the ultimate unexpected moment, when the Aquaman star proceeds to shed his muscles and becomes his true self. His real life wife Lisa Bonet makes a cameo at the end, helping the now weak and scrawny Momoa bench the bar.



7. Lil Nas X & Sam Elliott

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In a standoff that nobody knew we needed, new rap sensation and classic cowboy esque actor Sam Elliot face off in an epic shootout for a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Lil Nas X takes the victory, triumphantly riding off, on a horse of course, away with the Doritos. With a commercial bringing together very different celebrities with very different backgrounds and resumes, Doritos was able to appeal to an array of different audiences, perpetuating their spot atop the Super Bowl commercial totem pole.



8. Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross

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Introducing a new take on the classic scene in epic thriller The Shining. Bryan Cranston did his best Jack Nicholson impression, poking his head through the door, threatening the now Traces Ellis Ross, not with what you would think; but a Mountain Dew. T.E.R. can not help but accept the refreshing Mountain Dew from the terrifying Bryan Cranston. With a recurring theme of reenacting classic movie scenes, Mountain Dew does an adequate job of implementing new celebrities in the classic roles and perfectly placing their product into the mix.


9. Tom Brady

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Hulu has become widely known for hiring every star athlete they can find to tell the masses that yes, they do have live sports. From Saquon Barkley to Joel Embiid Todd Gurley, some of the biggest NFL and NBA stars have very bluntly shared their endorsement for Hulu, because of all the money they gave them, of course. Hulu continued this trend with NFL Legend Tom Brady. Going into a highly anticipated contract year, Brady put all questions of retirement to rest when he turned a seemingly obvious retirement message into a declaration that Hulu has live sports. He ended the spot with saying he will be back, because of course Tom Brady will be back! Hulu will also be back with many more ads to come with the biggest athletes hilariously convincing viewers to tune in to their sports stream.


10. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

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Perhaps the biggest power couple in Hollywood, Teigen and Legend never fail to entertain viewers with their unapologetic takes on life and romance. This year, Teigen bluntly tells her fellow boring and pretentious party goers that she can no longer stand their presence, hoping to make a well timed exit, waiting for Legend to pull up with their Genesis SUV. The couple’s massive fanbase will undoubtedly enjoy this spot from their fav pair, and factor it into their next car purchase.

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