Celebrities on TikTok

You’ve probably heard about the app Tik Tok (formerly known as Musically), but if not it is an app where people can watch other creative videos, or make videos on their own. Many of the videos include dancing or singing, but others are just stories, skits, or whatever you want it to be! With the app gaining more and more popularity, we’ve seen many celebs get in on the fun, so here’s a list of 10 celebrities who have created their own profiles on the app!


Celebrity Trending 10: Celebrities on TikTok


1. Will Smith

Adding to the list of his many talents, Will Smith has also added to the list of being a Tik Tok star. With 10.1 million followers, Smith posts videos of himself dancing, but what his followers really love are the cool edits that he includes in each video, and skits that he makes as well.


2. Ariana Grande

Ariana has an astounding 15.6 million followers on Tik Tok. So far, she has only posted five videos, but the videos include her own music in the background with her either singing along or a video she has just uploaded for fun. We certainly hope that she will be posting more soon!


3. Reese Witherspoon


Witherspoon only has three videos uploaded to her page so far, but her kids have featured her in numerous videos on their accounts. Her videos are just funny clips going along with cool trends on the app, and all of the posts do a wonderful job of making people laugh.

4. Jason Derulo

With 7.1 million followers, Derulo likes to draw in his Tik Tok followers by posting many dancing videos, and videos of himself shirtless. His body definitely attracts attention, but he also uses the app to promote his music and recent music videos to his fans.


5. Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel is one of the celebrities who I always come across on the app. Mandel is constantly posting videos of himself trying to learn dances, doing random things to confuse viewers (like pouring ice cream on his head), and following the funny trends that teens are doing on Tik Tok. He has 4.1 million followers, but personally I think he deserves more.


6. Ed Sheeran

Instead of using his Tik Tok to post silly videos of himself, Ed Sheeran has instead used it to connect with his fans. Sheeran’s first post has him introducing a trend with his song “Beautiful People”, where he holds up a sign and says who his beautiful person is. Since that post, he has reposted other videos that fans have made introducing their beautiful people, and spreading love on the app.


7. Lizzo

Lizzo also doesn’t have many videos uploaded yet, but she has posted a few of her lip synching to her own songs and dancing to another. It seems like Tik Tok is another way for Lizzo to express her bubbly and confident personality, and she is definitely inspiring others through her songs and her videos!


8. The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers have always had a sense of humor, and it clearly shows on Tik Tok. The brothers upload videos of them on tour and backstage, and they also upload random videos of when they aren’t working. Their music always works to make people happy, and their Tik Toks do as well.


9. Miley Cyrus

Miley’s first Tik Tok was posted in September, and some of her most liked videos include her new boyfriend Cody Simpson. Cody also has his own Tik Tok page, but he only has one video on his account. The couple posts cute dancing videos together, but Miley also has some videos of just herself goofing around as well.



10. Kylie Jenner

Lastly, Kylie Jenner also has a Tik Tok, but doesn’t use it like most of the others do. While she has posted a cute video of Stormi, Kylie focuses her Tik Tok on advertising her Holiday Makeup Collection. She posts videos of herself with different shades of lipstick on, as well as other makeup products that have been released with this new holiday collection.

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