Celebrity Speakers Leading Social Movements- The Top Ten Celebrity Activists for Hire

Colin Kaepernick

Which celebrity speakers are leading social movements that will inspire the audience of your next event or conference? 2018 has been a year full of social and political movements. With many celebrities transforming into career activists, it’s important to select one who is also an inspiring speaker. Here are the top ten celebrity speakers impacting social movements this year:


Colin Kaepernick: An undeniably hot topic in 2018, former NFL player Colin Kaepernick leads a national movement. Kaepernick first began taking a knee during the National Anthem in 2016. He refuses to show pride for his own country so long as minorities face oppression. While his method of activism is a topic of controversy, there’s no denying that Kaepernick knows how to make a statement. He proudly displays conviction for his cause in his 2018 Nike campaign, which was supported by the likes of Serena Williams and LeBron James. A bold and passionate celebrity speaker, Colin Kaepernick is a powerful activist leading a burgeoning movement throughout the US.


celebrity speaker kohn lrgendJohn Legend: Founder of the #FREEAMERICA initiative, John Legend is fueling a campaign to end mass incarceration in America. Growing up in Ohio, Legend watched his mother struggle with substance abuse for many years and ultimately go to jail. Learning from this experience, John Legend aims to provide rehabilitation to underprivileged communities. Legend is transforming the US justice system and proves that anyone can make a difference


sports speaker serena williamsSerena Williams: Record setting tennis player, Serena Williams has long been known for her philanthropic work. She is ambassador of the Purple Purse Foundation, a charity whose purpose is to provide resources to victims of domestic violence. Through her nonprofit, The Serena Williams Fund, Serena has built three schools in Africa. In these schools, she has imposed a gender ratio rule to provide girls with equal education. Other causes close to her heart include AIDs research through the Arthur Ashe Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. A woman who has truly dedicated her life to giving back, Serena Williams radiates warmth and inspires generosity.


hire alyssa milanoAlyssa Milano: After retweeting a friend’s post suggesting women who have experienced sexual assault post “me too” in order to illustrate the magnitude of the issue, Alyssa has been credited with sparking the #MeToo movement. It all started in response to the revelation of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of power and crimes against women. Since then, Alyssa’s #MeToo movement is a hit amongst countless other celebrities. Alyssa has long been vocal about women’s issues and is now a role model for women globally. A passionate advocate for justice, Alyssa Milano is the perfect celebrity speaker to instill courage and conviction in her audience.


David Schwimmer: David Schwimmer has received much praise from Hollywood in 2018 for his response to the #MeToo movement. Launching the #AskMoreOfHim campaign, David hopes to help more men identify with the movement. Commonly thought of as a women’s issue, David strives to educate men about feminism as something that effects all people. Using his platform to speak out on inequality, David’s #AskMoreOfHim campaign initiates a much needed conversation in our social climate.


celebrity speaker lady gagaLady Gaga: Lady Gaga has contributed to several causes over the years through her Born This Way Foundation. Personally surviving a sexual assault and battling with PTSD, Lady Gaga works to de-stigmatize these issues. Founded in 2011, Lady Gaga’s foundation provides safe places for youth to convene and support one another. Lady Gaga encourages young people to embrace their differences and wishes to provide them with supportive environments. 


celebrity speaker selena gomezSelena Gomez: Growing up in the public eye, Selena Gomez has always been regarded as a good influence and level-headed actress. Perhaps this is because she is so transparent in her struggles. Coming of age in the public eye, Selena has always been honest with her fans. She reassures her fans that it is perfectly okay to set your own boundaries. Selena is vocal about her difficult journey with Lupus and has brought significant awareness to the autoimmune disease. As a result, Selena is a celebrity speaker who identifies with her fans on a very personal level.


Adrian Grenier: Adrian Grenier dedicates most of his time to environmental activism these days. He is responsible for launching SHFT media publication, a site dedicated to raising awareness on environmental issues. Additionally, he is founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation, an organization aiming to decrease plastic waste found in the ocean. Adrian was also hired as a celebrity speaker at the World Ocean Summit in 2017 and the US Open in 2018. Above all, Adrian is an environmentally conscious activist using his platform to change the way we care for our planet.


Shailene Woodley celebrity speakerShailene Woodley: In contrast of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, Shailene Woodley has always maintained a very natural and down to earth image. Embracing her power as a celebrity speaker, she voices concern on many social and political issues. Most noteworthy, Shailene protested the Dakota Access Pipeline and got arrested on the frontlines of Standing Rock. Shailene also works to better represent women in the film industry.  For that reason, she has inspired her Big Little Lies costars, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, who are also very prominent leaders for women in film. A young woman with wisdom beyond her years, Shailene has caught the ear of Hollywood big-wigs and young girls alike.


celebrity motivational speaker laverne coxLaverne Cox: As one of the only trans women with her status in Hollywood, Cox is paving the way for a new generation of actors. Her breakout role as a transgender woman in Orange is the New Black provides an honest portrayal of LGBTQ struggles. More importantly, Laverne Cox has been impacting the LGBTQ community by further educating people outside the community.  She produced a documentary in partnership with MTV called “The T Word”, chronicling the lives of young transgender people. In addition, Cox donates to several LGBTQ charities as well as AIDS research. Similarly, she made an appearance on the new digital series produced by Ellen Degeneress, Fearless, to provide a transitioning man with $10000 for his top surgery.  Hired as a celebrity speaker for the Conference on AIDS and the Creating a Change Conference, Laverne Cox is changing the world through her experiences as a trans woman.


As you can see, there are many celebrity speakers leading social and political movements that will positively impact your next event. Celebrity Speakers Bureau is your #1 source to hire celebrity speakers. We will work with you to determine the best fit for your event audience and theme while working to secure your celebrity speaker at the lowest possible fee. Contact the team at Celebrity Speakers Bureau via email at booking@celebrityspeakersbureau.com or call (212) 410-2853 to hire celebrity speakers for your next event.

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