Colton Underwood Promotes Healthy Eating Habits with New Partnership

Former NFL player and star of season 14 of ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor, Colton Underwood is continuing on his mission to inspire others to eat healthy with a new partnership. Colton’s now signed on to work with MorningStar Farms, a popular vegan alternative brand to promote living and eating healthy.

The partnership will kick off with a plant party in NYC hosted by Colton. The event will aim to educate others about vegan alternatives and promote the MorningStar brand, which is a subsidiary of Kellogg’s.


Over the last few years more food brands have dabbled in vegan alternatives. Vegan alternatives have become popular in the marketplace, as more and more people become devoted to practicing healthy eating habits. The trend has become so popular brands like Tyson Foods, who traditionally thrive in the meat making sector of the food industry as they are the larger meat producer in the United States, have begun production and development for vegan meat alternatives. Other brands have similarly joined the vegan alternative market and are looking to exploit a new and developing sector of the food industry.


MorningStar Farms is activating their brand partnership with Colton, by hosting their NYC event, and generating hype for this event by using Colton’s social media presence. Colton has over 2 million Instagram followers alone, allowing the brand to reach a significant amount of people. The social media and event campaign was labeled the “Lose Your Vegenity” campaign, imploring people to try veganism. The activation already has over 350,000 views on social media.

There are numerous other celebrities who endorse both healthy eating habits and vegan lifestyles; Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few. Large brands like Tyson Foods should be able to exploit these mega stars’ huge followings, which reach upwards of hundreds of millions of followers, if they are able to attain partnerships with stars to endorse their vegan products and activate through their media.

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