Deal of the Week: Leesa Sleep X Leanne Ford

Deal of the Week: Leesa Sleep and Leanne Ford are partnering on a new activation with philanthropic roots. The mattress brand and HGTV star Leanne  collaborated on a new mattress, called the Leesa Legend. The release of this new mattress will also up Lessa’s philanthropic efforts, looking to provide mattresses for children in need.

Why Leanne Ford?

Leanne stars in her own HGTV show, “Restored by the Fords,” where Leanne and her brother Steve transform older, more conventional homes into modern and trendy places to live. The show has been on the air since 2016, and Leanne has quickly risen to fame within the restoration and home improvement genres. Leesa is an interior designer by trade, featured in various magazines like Country Living and Elle Decor. By partnering with Leanne Ford, Leesa will be able to reach a core audience of people interested in home improvement and interior design, marketing their new product to an audience that will be interested in using it.


In addition to Leanne Ford’s presence on HGTV, she has a large social media following with over 200K followers between her personal and professional Instagram accounts. Most of her content is focussed on interior design, from kitchens to bedrooms Leanne posts her work. Look for Leesa to get involved here, the two have already activated the partnerships through Leanne Ford’s restoration projects, making sure that the beds in the house(s) are the new Leesa Legend mattress. This could be ran on HGTV in addition to Leanne’s Instagram. This is a seamless activation effort as Leanne Ford constantly pushes interior design content that features bedrooms and mattresses.


This new partnership will prove beneficial to both Leesa Sleep and Leanne Ford as they are not only profiting monetarily, but also in terms of reputation. By working to donate a mattress to children for every new mattress purchased, Leesa and Leanne are helping those in need and themselves. This partnership can be chalked up as brand building 101. Stay tuned as new creative partnerships are taking place every day!

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