Deal of the Week: LIFEAID X Kevon Looney

Popular healthy beverage company, LIFEAID, announced a partnership with Golden State Warriors’ star Kevon Looney to endorse their FITAID product line. LIFEAID selected Kevon to highlight their new marketing campaign in the northern region of California given the Warriors’ strong presence in that geographical location.

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LIFEAID was founded in 2011 and has taken off since, operating as both a D2C and selling their product to distributors. Kevon Looney will appear in the company’s marketing initiatives in a multitude of ways. In addition to appearing on billboards across Northern California, Kevon will have a strong presence and will be featured in LIFEAID’s digital and social media marketing campaigns.

Given’ LIFEAID’s use of wholesale and retail distributors, the beverage company could look to involve their newest brand partner that way. One way to activate in this manor could be bringing Kevon Looney out to one of LIFEAID’s retailers for a meet & greet type event that’ll encourage sampling LIFEAID products and drive purchases on the back end. Sampling is an effective way to find new customers, as many may have not tried their products yet. Kevon has already been featured on FITAID’s social media and posted about his new partnership on his own social, headlined by his Instagram which has over 234K followers.


LIFEAID’s commitment to pushing their partnership with Kevon in the Northern California region illustrates the young basketball star’s strong voice in that area. In addition to his strong regional voice, he has a modest global following as well. With over 234K followers through Instagram alone, Kevon Looney is able to reach a large volume of people fairly easily. Further, LIFEAID and FITAID are taking a two prong approach, trying to establish themselves in both the local Northern California market where they are based, and also increasing their global presence.


Moving forward expect FITAID and LIFEAID to continue involvement in both the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. When looking to expand globally, FITAID could target other basketball stars with similar profiles to Kevon Looney. One NBA star that comes to the front of mind is New Orleans Pelicans’ star Josh Hart. Josh has established a strong reputation both on the court and off with stellar brand partnerships.

One other thing worth mentioning is the the possible downfall of the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty. The Warriors have been the best team in the NBA for the better part of the last decade. After a offseason to forget and a early season that has been riddled with injuries, their dynasty could be coming to a close. Although the team has started to decline in talent, they just moved to a new stadium in San Francisco. This could provide much needed hype to drive the team’s popularity and relevance. Given these recent developments it will be interesting to see how effective this partnership is both in the San Francisco Bay Area, where a large concentration of people are Warriors fans, and out.


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