Forbes 30 under 30: Celebrities

When you’re looking for the best and the brightest up and coming stars in pop culture, sports and business, the Forbes 30 under 30 list is the place to look. With lists spanning across each sector of entertainment and business, we look at the Celebrity group. And while you might not have time to read about all 30, you can read the 10 most trending celebrities that made the list right here.

1. Patrick Mahomes

Who better to top the Forbes 30 under 30, CT10 edition for celebrities than the Super Bowl MVP himself, Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs quarterback followed up his 2018 MVP campaign season, with a triumphant return, leading the Chiefs to victory in the Super Bowl over the 49ers in dramatic fashion. Perhaps the most talented athlete across all sports, Mahomes represents the new generation of star athletes.


2. Lil Nas X

The singer behind the hit song Old Town Road hasn’t slowed down and is in no way a one hit wonder after notching a spot on Forbes list. Since releasing his world wide hit song, Nas has followed up with a slew of songs. Most recently Nas can be seen in the Doritos Super Bowl commercial alongside Sam Elliott. The rapper engages in a new age country stand off, riding his horse into the sunset after winning the coveted bag of Doritos.


3. Luke Combs

One of the newest faces of country music, Luke Combs is giving fellow country star Luke Bryan a run for his money when it comes to the best Luke in the country game. Much like the rest of these promising young celebrities, Combs had a very successful 2019, turning in a chart topping album, This One’s for You, as well as being an addition to the Grand Ole Opry. In November Combs released his follow up album, What you See is What you Get, ending the year with a strong conclusion, setting up his 2020 for even more success.



4. Paul George

NBA Superstar Paul George has long been one of the most popular, and marketable, players in the game. Recently acquired by the Los Angeles Clippers, George is one of the faces of one of the most dynamic teams in the game, playing alongside past NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. George is poised for a Finals run, which would be a major accomplishment for the still young athlete. Whether George is knocking down buzzer beaters in Gatorade Commercials or representing top brands like Nike and Foot Locker, George is on of the most marketable stars in sports.



5. Christian Pulisic

At just 21 years old, Christian Pulisic has already established himself as one of the newest faces of soccer. Representing Team USA and competing against the like of global soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Pulisic may be the next big soccer star for America. Although Pulisic has international heritage and plays for Chelsea Football Club in London, he is primed to be amongst the best of the best for America when it comes to International play.



6. Bobby Wagner

Super Bowl Champion and 6x Pro Bowler for the Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner has long been an example of an athlete succeeding off the field. An example to many young athletes who look to emulate his success, Wagner has had multiple successful collaborations with top entrepreneurs. Wagner created his startup, Blitz in 2014, investing in multiple successful companies. Additionally, Wagner follows in the footsteps of current business giants P Diddy and Shonda Rhimes and invested in Andreessen Horowitz’s Cultural Leadership Fund. Wagner’s growing business savvy allowed him to negotiate his own contract with the Seahawks as well, which will be just one of the many deals he will be sure to negotiate in the future.



7. Normani

Formerly part of the pop band, Fifth Harmony, Normani has forged her own path, to much success. Despite going solo, Normani has teamed up with some of the best artists in the industry including Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion and also Sam Smith, with whom she released one of the top singles of 2019, Dancing with a Stranger.



8. Finn Wolfhard

The youngest on our list by far, Finn Wolfhard makes up for what he lacks in age with multiple trending roles over the past year. From starring in Stranger Things to the recent IT sequel, Wolfhard has established himself as one of the best young actors in the game at just 16. He will follow up his jam packed 2019 with an appearance in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot in 2020, starring alongside Paul Rudd and OG Ghostbuster Bill Murray.



9. Ezra Miller

Star of the long awaited Flash movie, Ezra Miller nabs a spot on the list 3 years before 30. Starring in popular movies including Perks of Being a Wallflower, Justice League and the Fantastic Beasts films, Miller will finally have the leading role that his acing prowess deserves.



10. Beanie Feldstein

The previously unknown sister of actor Jonah Hill, Beanie Feldstein had a huge year in 2019. The 26 year old actress has recently starred in Oscar Best Picture nominated director Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, and most recently in Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, Booksmart. Feldstein will start the 2020s off strong with a starring role in the critically acclaimed FX series, American Crime Story, leading the anticipated third season’s telling of the Bill Clinton scandal, in which she will star as Monica Lewinsky.


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