Karlie Kloss Continues Fight to Empower Young Women with Newest Partnership

This past week Good Girl by Carolina Herrera started a new initiative with brand ambassador Karlie Kloss. The Fragrance line will start up some charitable initiatives that will benefit Karlie’s non-profit organization, Kode With Klossy. Kode With Klossy empowers girls to become tech industry leaders. The organization funds different things including a two week camp where technology concepts are explored and introduced as well as awards scholarships to girls to attend various coding camps around the world.

Kode With Klossy was founded after Karlie discovered her passion for coding in 2014 after she attended a coding class at the Flatiron School in Manhattan. Through her organization and other philanthropic work, Karlie has made concerted efforts to empower young women all over the globe to become leaders.

Common Values

Good Girl perfume by Carolina Herrera has similar values and interests in inspiring young women. Through the brand partnership these common values were forged. The two will embark on their mission together to empower young women to become leaders in the tech industry.

Carolina Herrera plans to help scale Kode With Klossy in a multitude of ways but one of their primary efforts will be providing additional scholarships, almost 1,000 in total, to help girls attend the Kode With Klossy camp. This is an outstanding number as this brings the total number of scholarships up to 2,400! Carolina Herrera joins other brands such as She Can STEM and WeWork as organizations to partner with Kode With Klossy.

Bigger Picture

Beautification brands have recently begun investing their time and money in motivating young women. Carolina Herrera is just the latest company to do so. Avon recently doubled their funding of their Global Scholarship Programme. The program strives to provide educational opportunities for their beauty reps and their family members. Other beautification companies such as Conair and Elemis have also become involved in empowering women around the globe. As this trend continues more and more companies of the self-care and beautification varieties should become increasingly involved in similar initiatives.


Carolina Herrera and Karlie might have hit a home run with this partnership. Activation has already begun on both sides of the equation. Carolina Herrera has already posted content promoting the philanthropic work they’re doing with Karlie in addition to the posts from the pre-existing creative partnership. Besides social media activation it will be interesting to see how exactly Carolina Herrera is able to publicize their partnership with Kode With Klossy. 


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