Latest Digital Marketing Trend: Twin Influencers

Social media influencers have become an extremely popular digital marketing tool for brands to use to drive their online advertising campaigns. The use of influencers has broadened to kids as well as adults who have significant public followings. The latest trend are twin influencers.

Twin influencers work in the same way as regular influencers. Kids have grown popular enough on social media that parents are able to create brands for their children and generate a social media influencing career. Although this is commonly done with single children, twins have recently become popular as parents are developing influencing brands for their twins.

The Clement twins are among the most popular twins on social media. Their Instagram account has over 1.4 million followers and focusses on both sisters and is run by the girls’ parents. This presents a new way for brands to use child influencers. Instead of working with singular children, with different identities they can now work with siblings that have separate but also combined identities that are synonymous with one another. This creates more staying power as a twin influencer may have a larger following and identity than a singular kid influencer. The Clement twins have worked with prominent brands such as Crocs and Vidanta to collaborate on social media campaigns.

Another aspect that makes twin influencers so popular is the rarity of them. If one thinks about it, they probably don’t know that many twins. With that being said twin children being rare contributes to their popularity in the influencing industry as they are able to stick out more. The popularity of social media and the digital age society is currently in allows for twins to capitalize on this rarity as they can share their story worldwide at the click of a button. Further, they are able to share their story, and with the right content strategy millions are able to view their story. This is a formula that allows brands to successfully digitally market as people are genuinely interested in the lives of these twin influencers and the brands they represent.


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