Louis Vuitton partners with NBA

Louis Vuitton partner with NBA

Louis Vuitton is ramping up its efforts to make a splash in the United States with a new partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

As Louis Vuitton is best known for their high end handbags and red carpet dresses, this is a surprising lead. The famous designer explains that they will be designing a case to house the NBA trophy, as they have done in other sports such as tennis and football, as well as producing clothing ranges inspired by the league.

Sports Speaker Ralph Rivera, the NBA’s Europe and Middle East managing director, states “The NBA as a brand goes beyond sport, some of the players are a brand unto themselves.” This business opportunity is not to benefit the NBA commercially, but is focused more on reinforcing the NBA stars image.

As the worlds’ largest luxury brand labels by sales and the main driver of revenue being in France, Vuitton is using this agreement to get the attention of US shoppers. The United States is the second largest markets for high-end brands, following China, and this partnership is the first American sports league partnership that Vuitton has partnered with.

Social media is the leading marketing tool for influencers, including movie stars, singers, motivational speakers, and sports stars alike. These platforms are perfect for the world of fashion to integrate influence, as fans look to emulate their look by watching the basketball influencers.

Rivera states, “Our players are on social media … and part of what people look at is fashion, it’s what they’re wearing … you’ve got a whole sneaker culture around the game too.”

Virgil Abloh, the first African American to be names creative chief for menswear working at Louis Vuitton, will be designing the limited edition range of clothing linked by the NBA.

As Vuitton manufactures the bulk of their clothes and handbags in France, they are trying to integrate more US factories. Last year, Vuitton opened its third US leather factory in Texas, and US President Donald Trump attended alongside Louis Vuitton’s billionaire boss Bernard Arnault.


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