Martha Stewart releases new Wine collection with Wine Insiders

The famous Martha Stewart announced just a few days ago that she is partnering with Wine Insiders. They are collaborating to release a new collection of wine that has been chosen by Martha herself. Stewart released her own wine company, Martha Stewart Wine Co., just a few years ago, and is excited for this opportunity to be working with Wine Insiders.

In addition to Martha’s wine collection that will be released, the partners will also be releasing gift sets and season themed packed. When the partnership launched a handful of themed half and full cases were released, one of them being “Martha’s Holiday Dinner”. They hope to be able to promote both Wine Insiders and Martha Stewart Wine Co. with this collaboration through the wine collection and other gifts that will be offered throughout the year.

By doing this collaboration, both companies also hope that this will allow Wine Insiders customers to be able to share the experience and bring the same entertainment that Martha brings with her wines, while enjoying the low prices and easy delivery. With this partnership launch coming so close to the holidays, it’s perfect timing as so many people will be purchasing wine for holiday or family parties.

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