Matthew McConaughey Delivers Motivational Speech to Texas Football

With the College Football Season getting underway there has been an influx in news surrounding one of the world’s most popular sport leagues. Last week it was Stephen A. Smith delivering a motivational speech to Alabama and this week it’s Matthew McConaughey giving a speech to the Texas football team.

In any profession it is crucial to learn what those around you are motivated by. Motivation is extremely important in the world of sports. That being the case, makes it not only beneficial but necessary for sport teams to bring in well-known speakers to help drive their performance.

McConaughey, well-known for his award-winning acting career, did just that for Texas football. Matthew attended the University of Texas himself, and has been a well documented fan in the years that followed his college career. Given his success as an actor, Matthew has become adept and recognized for his on-screen motivational speeches. Now, he’s transitioning this acting success to the real world and helping others find what moves them. For the University of Texas not much could be more motivating than receiving acknowledgment from one of your school’s most notable alumni.

Independent of the success of Texas football this upcoming season, McConaughey could start to blow up in the motivational speaking world. Keep your eye on him as the publicity from his speech to Texas could drive his popularity as a motivational speaker for other future events. Matthew can be hired here.

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