NFL Star Richard Sherman Investing in Technology

It is important in any professional sport for athletes to prepare for life after the game. This is even more important for NFL players as their careers are so short, with the average player staying in the league for just 3.3 years. For NFL athletes it is crucial that they devise a path for success post athletics. San Francisco 49ers cornerback, Richard Sherman, is doing just that. Sherman is now 31 years of age, and quickly heading towards the back end of his playing career. Sherman has clearly recognized this and is taking steps to ensure he has a comfortable and successful life post football.


Richard Sherman attended Stanford University to play college football, right at the heart of Silicon Valley. Sherman, clearly well educated, started to learn about the tech industry during his time at Stanford. Sherman now returning to the Bay Area to play for the 49ers, after a successful stint with the Seattle Seahawks, finds himself in the heart of the tech industry once again.

Over the last few years, Sherman has made numerous investments in developing areas of the tech industry including both e-commerce and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, possibly the currency of the future, has peaked the interest of numerous athletes with some even asking to be paid in the digital currency, namely Sherman’s former Seahawks teammate Russell Okung. Sherman has also invested in automobile giant, Tesla.

Seeing Software

In his investment endeavors, Richard has become increasingly interested in software. He’s finding that “just about every company is a software company” in today’s digitally driven marketplace. Richard’s latest investment was in the digital experience and intelligence platform, Decibel. The company is focused on providing top of the line customer experience with innovative technology. The brand has worked with corporate partners like Sony and All State.

Player Safety

Sherman is using his passion for technology to pursue improvements in NFL player safety. The NFL has well-documented issues in the player safety category, with concussions and cranial injuries at the forefront of people’s concerns. The NFL has recently made strides to improve both their concussion protocol and regulation of the helmets their players are allowed to wear. However, there are always more improvements to be made. Sherman hopes that through his love for technology he can make more improvements that keep the players who follow in his footsteps safe.

Richard has made two big investments in the player safety department. One with the helmet company VICIS, which is working to design helmets so injury from head contact is minimized. The other investment Sherman has made is as an advisor to Oxeia Biopharmaceuticals, a company that is developing a drug that will aim to minimize the ramifications a concussion creates.

Through Richard’s love for both football and technology, he’s built a diverse and impressive portfolio that he’ll carry with him beyond his NFL career. Hopefully Sherman, with the help of others, will be able to improve the sustainability of NFL careers and educate others about the importance of planning for life after athletics.


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