Nick Jonas partners with John Varvatos for new fragrance collection

Designer John Varvatos has teamed up with Popstar Nick Jonas to release a new installment of their award-winning JV X NJ fragrance collection. The duo released the first installment of the fragrance last year, and have since released two more. This new third fragrance is the JV X NJ Silver Edition, and captures the essence of confidence, versatility, and creativity. 


The Silver Edition of JV X NJ was released on November 7th, 2019, and the campaign for the fragrance focuses on Nick Jonas, capturing small private moments surrounding him. The collaboration continues to gain support and momentum as the buzz around the latest Silver Edition is still in the air.


As Nick Jonas continues to thrive in the music industry, he is still finding other ways to express his personality and energy, specifically with these collections. Varvatos is also excelling in the fashion industry and is always designing and creating new products to reach out to different audiences and customers. The Varvatos brand ranges from clothing, footwear, and accessories, and has also partnered with other famous entities such as Game of Thrones, which they worked with on a clothing deal.


As for The Jonas Brothers, they are coming off their much anticipated return to music, releasing their comeback album this past year. Building off the momentum, they also recently announced that they are partnering with Coors Light. They will be releasing their own beer in November, and it will be limited edition and only available in certain U.S. cities. While the partnership with Coors Light is with the band as a whole, we can see through Nick’s collaboration with Varvatos that the brothers are also working on other partnerships individually.


The JV X NJ fragrance collection has worked to tie together the music and movie industry with fashion and fragrance. As Varatos and Jonas continue to build on this partnership and collaboration, it is important to watch how they can expand on the collection and draw in more and more customers and supporters across every different industry. With this celebrity partnership, the Varvatos brand will be exposed to a whole new audience and can garner an entire new wave of support through this partnership, and vice versa for Nick Jonas as well.

With this being the launch of their third line, Varvatos has clearly felt the positive impact Jonas has brought to the brand, and is banking on his marketability and influence, to continue to command attention in a competitive sector of the industry. 


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