Olympian Allyson Felix partners with Gap brand Atleta

This past summer, Gap’s fitness brand, Atleta, signed a partnership with Olympian Allyson Felix. The multi-year partnership is Athleta’s first brand deal with an Athlete, coming after Felix ended her deal with Nike. While many people recognize her talent and strength, she has moved towards becoming the face of Atleta as they look to capture a new audience.

It is no surprise GAP pegged Felix to be the face of their fitness branch. Her accomplishments speak for themselves and have established her as a premier force in the Olympics. At just 34 years old, the American track and field sprinter has competed at three different distances; 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters. Felix has won the titles of 2012 Olympic Champion (200m), 3-time World Champion (200m), 2-time Olympic silver medalist (200m), 2015 World Champion (400m), 2011 World silver medalist (400m), 2016 Olympic silver medalist (400m), and 2017 World bronze medalist (400m). However, that isn’t all as she has also won five Olympic Gold Medals with the U.S. Women’s Relay Teams, and has a total of nine Olympic medals making her one of the most decorated female Olympian’s in track and field.

In addition to her capabilities on the track, Felix also works hard outside of the sport to advocate for what she believes in. She participates in the “Project Believe” Program for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, and in 2014 she went to Brazil and held events and speeches to the youth; many of whom had disabilities. Felix wanted to help remove barriers for those who are disabled, and she wanted to talk about the values of sports and how to face adversity.

As for Athleta, after Felix spoke out against Nike for paying her 70% less after her pregnancy, she didn’t go back even though they made claims to alter their written terms for pregnant athletes. Athleta’s main focus is empowering women, and Allyson said working with them was more authentic and made her feel like more than just an athlete. This partnership continues to draw more customers and revenue for Athleta, because even while competing with brands like Nike and Lululemon the fact that Allyson Felix has such a strong presence and connection with Gap’s brand makes it all the more appealing.

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