PopBase Offers Alternative for Social Media Stars to Monetize their Brand

Last week PopBase launched the early access portion of their new platform that will offer social media stars with large public followings the ability to monetize their content. The new platform was announced over a year ago but is just now entering their early access state. PopBase is a subsidiary of the larger tech company, Binary Bubbles.


PopBase was created with the intention of allowing users to broaden their brand and exposure. One of the primary ways the platform will aid users in reaching this goal is in the form of custom content. This custom content will be highlighted by personalized character avatars for social media stars. The app will double as a content management platform and will be able to profit through both mobile ads and purchases made through the app itself.

In just one year since the app’s announcement, the platform has picked up popular social media talent like Caleb Hyles and Leanne Bailey, among others, who have millions of followers on the social media platforms TikTok and YouTube. Social Media stars who sign with PopBase will earn upwards of 60% of the earnings they generate on the platform.



The application and use of this platform is easy to see as society becomes increasingly focussed on the digital marketplace. Social media influencers have become the latest trend in digital marketing, given their large public following. PopBase offers another alternative for these mega social media stars to monetize their public following. It will be interesting to see how the platform expands as they move past their early access state and look to sign larger stars.

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