SnackNation’s Creative Digital Marketing Strategies

SnackNation is a snack delivery system that delivers popular healthy snacks on a monthly basis to offices and workplaces. Although the brand is predominantly a snack delivery system for workplaces, they also do some delivery to households. It started as a small snack distributor with one person working for the company, shipping snacks to local offices. Since then the company has grown and now delivers snacks to over 5,000 offices that include companies like LinkedIn and the NFL Network. Their continued growth can be attributed to their digital marketing prowess as they aim to lead and expand the snack distribution industry.

Influencers & Education

Outside of the actual snack delivery service, SnackNation aspires to introduce people to new foods. They are able to do so by adding around 50 new snacks each month to their subscription packs. A crucial part of introducing people to these new products is educating them. This is where influencers come in. Healthy food influencers who eat snacks that are featured in SnackNation packs can help promote certain snacks they love. Consumers can then become interested in trying new snacks and build loyalty to those snacks and keep subscribing. So as crucial as selling subscriptions is, educating and promoting new snacks through social media and influencers is just as important for SnackNation. They work with smaller scale social media influencers who have followings that range in the thousands to tens of thousands, that are healthy food influencers. In the past they have worked with influencers like Joy Elle to promote their service and snacks.

Snack Brands

SnackNation also works with snack brands. The delivery system supplies boxes full of snacks made by other companies. In this sense, SnackNation functions as a distributor. Often when a new snack is included in a SnackNation box, a snack brand will post on social media that their snack has been featured. SnackNation receives publicity this way, as well. This is important because SnackNation operates mostly as B2B rather than B2C. By having snack brands post to their pages SnackNation can effectively reach other businesses due to the fact that a popular snack brand may be on a company’s radar but a food influencer may not. For example, Harvest Snaps has posted to their social regarding their inclusion in one of SnackNation’s snack packs. In this case, snack brands can serve as influencers that promote SnackNation in addition to the traditional social media influencer, and can help the company reach their target audience, businesses.

SEO & Content Creation

Another way that SnackNation effectively markets digitally is through the implementation of SEO keywords. These keywords represent frequently searched words and phrases that are searched for online. Companies and organizations can use this info and these keywords to create their content, so their website appears more often when a certain topic is searched for. 

In this sense, a good portion of SnackNation’s digital marketing efforts have little to do with snacks. Instead, their marketing is actually focused on content creation in terms of blogs and articles posted on their website. They use the SEO keyword information to determine what keywords are being searched for frequently, and then write posts that feature these words. Doing so catapults the website to the top of the search engine’s result list, driving clicks from internet users. Once people click, they’ll read the content they came for, but they’ll also read subliminal advertisements within the post that promote the snack delivery system. The readers can then become interested in SnackNation and often become consumers. About 50% of their acquired consumers are generated this way.


In addition, SnackNation advertises digitally through online surveys and seminars. They generate surveys that ask questions and gauge interest in different areas of the workplace. The results are used to create a “State of” report that talks about issues and topics that are generating buzz. One example is the “State of The Office Manager” report that the company produces that discusses office managers. SnackNation then hosts a seminar to further talk about the topics that are featured in the reports. The company is then able to sell snacks at these events, create more consumers, and hopefully create new business subscribers from people who attend the seminar.


Through their creative initiatives SnackNation is able to effectively reach the markets they target. Their strategies are unique from other snack distribution companies as they are operating as a B2B organization instead of a B2C organization. Most of the other snack distribution companies deliver snacks, similar to SnackNation, but they are delivering to individual consumers rather than offices that have multiple employees. SnackNation stands out by operating as a B2B organization in a predominantly B2C industry.

SnackNation continues to add new snacks to their packages as well as implement new strategies that can not only be used to advertise for snack distributors but also for online businesses in general.


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