Snapchat’s “Real Friends” Campaign Highlights Improved Advertising Strategy

Snapchat recently launched their newest advertising campaign, the “Real Friends” campaign. The new strategy will focus on advertising the intimacy of the app across multiple mediums including broadcast, print, and digital. 

Snapchat’s Differentiation

Snapchat’s newest campaign falls in line with the overall theme of the app. The app was created to help foster and sustain meaningful and intimate relationships. Other social media apps and networks like Facebook and Instagram focus on broadcasting ones’ life to the world. Snapchat strives to maintain their status as an intimate social media network through their new campaign.

The “Real Friends” campaign is the app’s first global paid media campaign. The campaign will highlight different stories of people around the globe. These stories will be available to view through Snapchat’s youtube channel. The emphasis on personal stories as part of the campaign provides great synergy for the app as an important feature of the app is a section called “stories,” which features photos and videos made public to a user’s entire friends list.


One of the campaign’s main goals outside of highlighting how the app is different from other social media networks is to globalize the network. The app has popularity worldwide, but it is far more popular within the United States. 

As of this July, the United States had over 97 million users. The next leading country is France with over 20 million users. This number continues to decrease for countries outside of the United States. Snap’s first global media campaign will aim to improve the app’s popularity in other countries where the usage is much smaller. Snap will aim to do so by presenting stories of people all over the globe.

Digital Advertising

Outside of Snapchat’s service itself, the app has found other ways to generate revenue. With the increasingly digital age that society is immersed in and the popularity of social networking, companies have begun digitally advertising through social media. This is a large part of Snapchat’s business.

Over the last 10 months Snap has vastly improved their ability to work with third part advertisers. Chief Business Officer, Jeremi Gorman, has headed these changes that have allowed Snapchat to capitalize on their ability to reach a monumental audience. Since her appointment, in October 2018, Snapchat has increased their global revenue by 30% and expects to own 0.4% of the digital advertising market.

Partner Optimization

What’s allowed for these improvements? Well numerous things, but perhaps the most important is Snapchat’s newfound willingness to be open and honest with both themselves and companies they work with. In the past, Snap had tried to compete with other social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. However they are truly different from these other apps. Networks like Facebook have a much older user base whereas Snapchat has a very young user base. Since Gorman’s appointment Snap has embraced their young target demographic and have used it drive partnerships with companies looking to reach a younger audience.

Part of this process was establishing a new organizational structure. Priorly, Snapchat employed a more regional structure for working with corporate clients. Recent changes they have made include verticalization of this regional structure so that Snap becomes more involved and knowledgeable of their partners. These changes have attracted companies to partner with the app to produce creative advertising campaigns.

Creative Content

Part of Snapchat’s business model that has made them so successful is their ability to generate creative and one of a kind content. This creative content is highlighted by the “lenses” the app features. These lenses use augmented reality technology to create filters and changes to pictures that users take. These lenses not only appeal to the app’s user base, but also to Snap’s advertising partners. Through these lenses and other creative content, companies are able to advertise digitally and differently than anywhere else. These advertisements could be as simple as sponsoring a lens.



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