SoulCycle’s Use of Music During Workouts Highlights Music as a Motivational Tool

SoulCycle has risen to prominence over the last few years alongside other popular workout chains such as Orange Theory and CycleBar. SoulCycle and CycleBar are both indoor cycling workout facilities that provide classes led by workout instructors. One of the factors that has led to SoulCycle and CycleBars’ popularity is their use of music in their classes.


Music has been scientifically proven to be a driver and motivator. In the case of SoulCycle, their creative use of music has effectively driven people to work out at a more efficient level. Through their personalized music and workouts, SoulCycle has been able to inspire individuals to find their own personalized drive. The revolutionary platform has used their ability to motivate others to launch successful digital ad campaigns with artists and influencers.



SoulCycle’s increased popularity and success has provided them the opportunity to work with different artists. As mentioned before, a large part of the SoulCycle experience is the music that is played during workout sessions. SoulCycle has begun working with popular artists such as Louis the Child and DJ Va$htie. They even started a new series and hosted a concert titled Sound by SoulCycle. 


Through their creation and implementation of music during workouts, SoulCycle has successfully created an environment that inspires and motivates people of all walks of life.



Some of the most influential accounts on social media in recent years have been fitness influencers, whom have skyrocketed in popularity. SoulCycle has capitalized on this trend and started working with different influencers with varying levels of social media followings. Some of the influencers on SoulCycle include instructors like Kallie House, whom has over 122K Instagram followers. Other talent SoulCycle works with include fitness influencers like Mariah Brown, with over 108K followers on Instagram.


SoulCycle further capitalizes on its use of instructors and influencers through the creation of playlists. The company allows its instructors to create custom playlists with their favorite music. In addition, there is a section of SoulCycle’s website where you can find bios for different instructors. These bios highlight the Instructors favorite music and individualized style, that can fit with any participant.


Through SoulCycle’s use of music to create an individualized workout experience, the organization has been able to separate itself and create a new trend in the workout industry. Although people have been listening to music while they work out for years, no one has identified and capitalized on the benefits of music as a motivator like SoulCycle has. Keep an eye out on the company as they find new and creative ways to market their unique and effective workout experience.


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