Talk About HIGH heels! Mandy Moore Uses Lord Jones CBD Lotion Heel Pain Remedy

Mandy Moore

CBD is having a major moment in Hollywood. The ingredient, also known as cannabinoid, is an oil derived from hemp plants and is found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD is legal in all 50 states, likely because the lack of THC. But lately the oil has been making its way around the beauty world as one of Hollywood’s newest obsessions. ​ ​There are a multitude of expert tips out there on how to avoid the aches that come with wearing high heels. But take it from ​Mandy Moore​, beauty doesn’t have to be painful.

For a celebrity that’s constantly walking red carpets thanks to the breakout hit This Is Us, the actress knows how to ensure her shoes don’t cramp her style. “I always try to choose really comfortable shoes, because as I’ve gotten older I just can’t hack being in heels for an extended period of time,” she told the online publication Coveteur during an interview. “Last year I thought I had gone for a pair of comfortable heels, but by the end of the night I was in so much pain I felt like I was walking on glass, so I kind of ended the evening early…”  ​ The star’s biggest tip? Cannabis oil.​  The famous actress and singer Mandy Moore is a major advocate for the CBD industry and is an active user herself. Going from award show to award show, Moore felt the pain of wearing high heels on the red carpet, so she turned to an easy solution; CBD oil. ​Moore​ promoted Lord Jones CBD oil recommended by her stylist, and in an interview with Coveteur, sang its praises in keeping her floating on Golden Globes carpet. With that being said, Moore is no rookie when it comes to booking endorsements.

She teamed up with Merck & Co to launch a promotional campaign featuring the famous singer and actress to promote ​Her Adventures​ campaign, which is “a campaign to encourage women to plan ahead and get educated about planning, including birth control options.” The campaign consists of a link to the product site and a video of Moore advocating for women to plan ahead: “For me, having a plan in place that includes birth control helps me stay focused on my priorities…” Moreover, ​Mandy has been booked to endorse an array of beauty products throughout her career. Back in the day, Moore was booked as a spokesperson and model for Neutrogena, appearing in multiple commercials for the brand. Recently, Moore was hired to endorse an array of products for Garnier, appearing in multiple commercials for the brand. Would your organization like to hire ​Mandy Moore​ for an endorsement, public relations campaign, or one of a kind appearance at your next conference or special event? Contact us today to hire Mandy Moore or ​another great celebrity speaker via email at or call (212) 410-2853.

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