Team Bumble–First Ever All-Female eSports Team

The global eSport organization, Gen.G partnered with the popular social media app Bumble this week to form the first ever entirely female eSports team. The news comes as the eSports industry is continuing to expand and create new opportunities with the first ever Forntite World Cup taking place just last month. The team will be known as “Team Bumble” and will focus on the world’s most popular video game, Fortnite.

Team Bumble

Team Bumble will feature five female eSports athletes, most notably Kristen Valnicek. In addition to her spot on Team Bumble, Kristen serves as Gen.G’s head of new gaming initiatives. Bumble will sponsor Kristen individually in addition to their commitment to partner with the team.

The trailblazing development comes just weeks after the first Forntite World Cup, which featured zero female participants in the solo and duo competitions. Team Bumble will aim to improve the popularity of eSports among women and empower females around the globe to become involved in one of the hottest and fastest growing industries.


Moving forward, Bumble and Gen.G will work together to create unique and powerful activations that both promote their partnership and empower women to get involved in eSports. Their activation has already begun on social media, where the partnership has been announced and reached hundreds of thousands of consumers. Bumble has also activated their new partnership by creating a gaming badge for their app users, the thought is the badge will make it easier for users to connect with people they are compatible with.

In addition, Team Bumble’s jersey’s features the classic yellow that has become synonymous with the dating and networking app. The jerseys worn by Team Bumble also feature the Bumble logo with the words “Empowered By” above the logo. This is a nice addition as the goal of this partnership is to empower women to find success in eSports.

Brand Image

Society still struggles in the area of gender equality. As evidenced by both the US Women’s National Soccer team, who just took home gold at the FIFA World Cup, and Team Bumble, women still face inequality and discrimination in crucial areas such as wage and participation. Team Bumble has come together to end these inequalities and by doing so, both Gen.G and Bumble have displayed the forward thinking nature of their organizations. In addition to providing support for a much needed cause, both organizations should fortify their reputations through this partnership.

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