Technology Focussed InMode’s Stock Grows Amid Paula Adbul Endorsement

The medical aesthetics company, InMode‘s stock has begun to grow over the last few weeks. The company went public on August 8th this year and has witnessed its stock prices increase as much as 28% since making the transition. Part of the company’s growth has been attributed to the public backing by celebrity, Paula Adbul.


InMode is a medical aesthetics company headquartered in Israel that was founded in 2008. The medical company focusses on non-invasive and life changing technologically advanced medical procedures. The company’s primary innovation involves using radio-frequency based technology to generate both new medical procedures and update existing medical procedures to improve performance and reduce side effects.

The company has used its technology to make waves in a variety of surgical sectors including plastic surgery, dermatology, and gynecology among others.


InMode, still new in the public marketplace, has used its partnership with Paul Adbul to expedite the growth of their brand. The medical aesthetics industry is one that is experiencing exponential growth and will continue to see this growth in the intermediate. By establishing Adbul as a brand ambassador it allows the company to improve both their public visibility and reputation.

The partnership has already been activated on Adbul’s Instagram account where she has over 280,000 followers. This is a relatively moderate public following in comparison to other stars and celebrities, but is still large enough to improve the visibility of a developing brand. It will be interesting to see how the partnership is activated going forward. If InMode is able to capitalize off the public support of Paul Abdul and continue their growth, they could look to bring on more talent with larger visibility and build their brand even further.

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