Trending spokesperson Anna Kendrick adds Frito Lay to endorsement resume

As the holidays reach an end, we can look at some of the more prominent holiday campaigns headlined by the most trending stars this season. This year, Frito-Lay has put out its first-ever holiday campaign, and it features famous actress and trending star Anna Kendrick. With so many gatherings and events around this time of year, Frito-Lay attempted to draw people in to purchase Lay’s, Tostitos, Doritos, Smartfood, and Cheetos for their family parties. The commercial appeared on television during the Macy’s Day Parade and Thanksgiving Day NFL, as well as at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, as well as the NBA Christmas Special. The commercial comes after a series of promoted content from Frito-Lay that can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

By working with Anna Kendrick on their first-ever holiday campaign, Frito-Lay is playing on her talented voice and the clever Favorite Things jingle to appeal to those who need to buy snacks during this stressful yet exciting time of year. Since they have never done a holiday campaign before, this specific commercial is a great start and can make people laugh while getting the products on the comsumer’s minds, which will help lead them to actually purchasing them. While the commercial is already starting to become popular, I anticipate that as it is played more this season that Frito-Lay may become a popular brand this year for snacks during the holidays.

In addition to working with Frito-Lay, Anna Kendrick has also recently worked with Hilton on a campaign for their loyalty program, and at the beginning of November her new movie ‘Noelle’ was released on Disney+. In the new Christmas movie, Kendrick plays Kris Kringle’s daughter who has to save Christmas after her brother goes missing. Will these multiple commercial deals and a Christmas movie coming out recently, Anna Kendrick has a lot going on this holiday season, which could turn out to be very beneficial to not only herself but the movie, Frito-Lay, and Hilton as well. While she is already a very well-known and recognizable actress, the more roles she appears in and the more exposure she continues to have will lead people to connect her to the brands she works with, and more brand recognition.

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