Truly taps Keegan Michael Key to differentiate themselves in a crowded market

As alcoholic seltzers became the drink of the summer, the brand Truly made a statement by partnering with hilarious and charismatic actor and comedian, Keegan Michael Key. Key joined forces with Truly through a series of spots advertising their seltzers over other alcoholic drinks, as well as their biggest competitor, White Claw.  Keegan Michael Key and his wife Elisa Key helped to write and develop ideas for the campaign, and they were also the ones able to bring it to life. The campaign was launched August 12th, 2019, during the peak season for hard seltzers.

Key has also recently announced that he will be working with Metro by T-Mobile, which was just newly relaunched. Working with other marquee brands like T-Mobile, Key’s presence in the advertising landscape is especially prevalent. As their new brand face, Truly can allow Keegan Michael Key to express himself through writing and developing ideas, as well as acting in spots or commercials. This collaboration between Truly and Key has drawn in a whole new audience and has given an edge to Truly as Key is so versatile and can reach different customers between his acting and his comedy sketches. By adding a touch of humor to the spots that were released, a distinct presence and reaction is felt. This is undoubtedly what drew Truly to Key, and it’s yet to be seen how it will pay off.

In other brand news, Truly has also been named the Official Seltzer of the NHL. As everyone is aware that hard seltzer continues to rise in popularity against other types of alcohol, seltzers are also a new drink of choice for sports fans at the rink. It has already been proven that many NHL fans already drink Truly, so it was a very logical step to name them the Official Seltzer of the NHL. 

This is a five-year deal with the NHL and Truly will also be involved in other experiences. They already have a sponsored Pregame Fan Festival at the 2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic at Cotton Bowl Stadium, and the 2020 NHL Stadium Series at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Falcon Stadium.

With brands like Truly and White Claw making pushes for a very desirable spot in the marketplace, it will be interesting to see the different strategies implemented by each, especially in what major brands they partner with, such as the NHL, and what celebrity spokespeople they will choose to help advertise their respective products.

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