Willie Nelson Develops CBD for Pet Brand

Country music star Willie Nelson is a devoted animal activist and philanthropist. With this being the case it’s no surprise his latest business endeavor is entirely focussed on creating better lives for animals. Willie just recently launched a pet care company that focusses on creating health care products for pets, which are infused with CBD.

Willie’s Rescue

Nelson’s new brand, called Willie’s Rescue, will be a pet CBD brand and will be launched in Las Vegas this month. The brand will not only offer products for house pets like dogs and cats, but also pets such as horses. The brand will develop products that will be used for both internal and external health use.

Both Willie and his family are dedicated to improving the lives of animals and the care they receive. Nelson’s animal activism runs deep, he first became involved in 1985 when he developed the first Farm Aid Concert with other popular music stars, to raise money for farmers. In addition, Willie has worked with organizations like the Society for Protective Animal Legislation and the Animal Welfare Institute.

CBD for Pets

Willie’s Rescue is the newest development in the CBD and CBD for pet industries. CBD has grown in popularity for its health applications for humans, however pet owners have discovered that the product can have similar health benefits for their animals.

This will only continue to increase the popularity of CBD in the marketplace. As there are no FDA regulations yet, more stores and brands will cautiously explore both the benefits and applications of the world’s hottest trend. As the FDA weighs options on how to proceed with regulating CBD, people who use the product for both themselves and their pets will continue to promote the product and more brands in varying industries will enter the marketplace.

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